Monday, April 22, 2013

15-30 Minute Miracle Workouts

They aren't really a miracle but they sure can seem like one when you're sure you're too busy to exercise, let alone stay in shape.

These aren't the only workouts I do and I very often get more than 15 minutes of activity into a day but THEY ARE the workouts I turn to when I'm so busy that I feel like throwing my hands up in defeat.

No matter how busy the day I can almost always get at least one of these sweet little slices of movement into my day. I often enjoy the first one so much that I make it a point to do a second one later in the day.

I've written about many of these workouts in the past but I'll highlight then again, one at a time, explaining what I enjoy about them. A lot of them - quite possibly the majority - will be T-Tapp workouts. When you're going short on time you want every single second to matter and T-Tapp achieves that like nothing else I've ever experienced.

So drum roll puleez.

The first workout is T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus. You're probably getting sick of hearing me talk about this workout but honestly it's an amazing sequence that packs more than you can begin to imagine into 18 brief minutes. It covers alignment, strength, cardio, stress reduction and more.

If you can only memorize one T-Tapp workout this is the one to memorize. That way you'll never be without it. That said, I don't recommend a steady stream of doing it without the DVD because most people will tend to speed up when doing it on their own and get deeper into form when using the DVD. It's still nice to have the sequence in your head in pinch. 

If you already own this workout pull it out and dust it off. If you don't own it you can purchase it HERE.


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