Thursday, April 11, 2013

Couple More Thoughts- not necessarily connected

1. It's quite interest how topic will drive blog traffic. The idea of being ok with getting older isn't especially popular. Maybe because even thinking about it is scary? I guess my reply would be that it's gonna happen whether or not you acknowledge it so you may as well make it as healthy as possible. I guess I'd also remind you of what actresses end up looking like after multiple rounds of all sorts of anti-aging treatments, lotions, potions and surgery. That is not my destiny! I have no time for it and I want to be choosier about where I spend my money.

2. This morning I woke up, rinsed my face with water (per Nerium protocol) and really liked the fact that those "old lady warts" I spoke of before are fading. I plan to try to get some after shots. Not sure I'll be brave enough to share them on the WWW but I'll try to buck up and be brave.

3. Where being pro-age is concerned, I consider the shrinking of these "old lady warts" to be a sign that my skin is healthier. If they disappear or even almost disappear I'll continue to use Nerium.

4. I'm similarly watching two, what I can only imagine would be considered age spots. One of the benefits of being pale is that those kinds of spots don't have a lot of color to begin with - so they are a bit less noticeable. I noticed that they seem to be shrinking as well.

5. So given the fact that the Nerium and my new day cream replace a slew of what are truly and honestly nothing more than anti-aging creams I'm good with this new routine.

6. I downsized my hair care as well. I didn't want to mention it until I was sure I was happy with it. I'm still tweaking the conditioning and styling part but so far it's great - more natural, less $$, though not less products at this point.

7. I just realized that those of you who don't know me are probably imagining my face with the stereotypical witches' warts. They are most definitely not that bad - especially now.

My challenge to you is to consider the Pro-aging ---- Anti-aging continuum and think about where you're comfortable with hanging out on that continuum.

I'm beginning to think about aging in terms of walking. It's easier to walk on level ground. I consider accepting my age and working to be as healthy as possible to be like walking on level ground. It's easier to some degree to walk on a slight downgrade. I consider that to be like throwing my hands up and saying may as well give up, eat junk and stop exercising. Walking uphill is definitely harder - it's ok at first but as the hill gets longer and steeper it tends to suck up all your energy. That's how I feel about going with the propaganda about aging and trying to hold back time. It's not something I want to spend my precious time and money on.


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