Friday, April 5, 2013

Free: Try T-Tapp - quick short series that really works!

This is one of my favorite short but targeted T-Tapp workouts. It's an awesome workout all by itself when you have no time for a full T-Tapp workout. It can also be used as a mini-bootcamp and/or as the evening workout during what I term a mini-blitz. (I'll outline exactly what I mean in future posts.)

Because it's short and because the movements are stand alone movements it can be a good workout to use in combination with more traditional workouts. I plan to give some examples on how to do this in future posts but the easiest example would be to do a set of hoedowns then take a walk or run and then do the rest of the series of movements upon returning home.

Very best of all despite being among the most effective T-Tapp moves all of these movements are available for free! I've created links which will take you to the descriptions.

Warm-up: One set of hoe downs
Optional: One set of Advanced Hoedowns
Move to the Floor:
Organs in place and Half Frogs
Awesome legs
Diva Derriere

If after using the free resources you feel that you want to see these moves in action - or you just prefer to have a DVD to work with - they're all also available on various T-Tapp DVDs.

I linked to a youtube vid of hoedowns.

You can find Organs in place, Half frogs, hoedowns and advanced hoedowns on the DVD that comes with Teresa's book "Fit and Fabulous in 15 minutes" The book is also available on This book is a great introduction to T-Tapp that will act as a reference for years to come.

You will find Awesome legs, Diva Derriere, Hoe downs and Jog Rocks on the CRT Skin Brushing Sequence DVD. That link takes you to one of the more complete CRT sets. If you would rather just purchase a brush, brochure and the DVD you can click on the CRT systems and products link at the top of the white box. If you have this dvd you can tack a set of Jog Rocks on after Diva Derriere and really get things going.

I can't say enough about skin brushing. It feels great, it's great for your skin. It's calming and is a great daily - be nice to yourself treat that's really effective.

If you're looking for an intro into T-Tapp the book and the CRT brush and DVD are inexpensive, especially given all you get with them.

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