Monday, April 15, 2013

Horizontal Conditioning and T-Tapp

This is an easy way to blend T-Tapp with the Horizontal Conditioning DVD "Getting Started."

I also want to be honest and tell you that I only tried this combination once using the first of the three 10 -minute workouts the DVD contains in order to create this mini-workout. I did preview the other workouts and feel that any of the 3 workouts would blend in the way I'll describe.

1. A set or two of T-Tapp Hoedowns to warm you up. You can alternately do one set of Hoedowns followed by a set of advanced Hoedowns.

2. Complete the Push-up/Plank section of the HC DVD.

3. T-Tapp Organs in place and Half Frogs.

4. Complete the Abdominal section of HC DVD. If you have to stop to rest use the time to do OIP again.

5. OK, so this is where I deviated from the HC DVD. Instead of doing the lower body work that Sandra does I stood and held T-Tapp stance. This is a better choice for me considering my goals. If you watch Sandra you'll see her right knee rolling in during the squats. It made me cringe to watch it. Finally she pulls her leg in and narrows her stance a bit. If you prefer simply do the lower body section of the HC DVD rather than holding the T-Tapp stance. You could alternately do some Step Away the Inches Moves.

6. Perform T-Tapp Awesome Legs followed by Diva Derriere.

This workout comes in between 20 and 30 minutes depending on how many water breaks to take. That leaves time for a nice walk or other cardio.

You can find the links for all of the T-Tapp movements a mentioned above HERE.

Hopefully if you're reading this you already own the HC DVD. If not you could approximate this workout by doing 3 minutes of traditional push-ups and planks in place of the HC Push-up/plank set. Likewise you could sub 3 minutes of traditional abs/core for the HC abdominal section. Finally, you could use the T-Tapp lower body movements as detailed above.

And that's it, short, sweet, in and out fast.

My intent in creating and sharing this workout is not to say that mixing T-Tapp with traditional exercise is somehow better or will bring "better results." Any change you make in your exercise routine will bring about DIFFERENT results. I created this sane, relatively short workout to stand as a contrast to some of the crazy, long workouts I read about people doing. Less is More.

Quick review of the C DVD Getting Started: This DVD is has fair production values. It's Sandra and a modifier demonstrating the workout. The DVD contains three 10 minute workouts. Each workout contains an Upper Body segment, an abdominal segment and a LB segment. The third workout mixes abdominal movements with LB work. These are no equipment workouts. The workouts look like they are set in an open gym with no equipment (that I remember anyway). I have no memory of music so if it was there it wasn't intrusive.


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