Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hydrate with High Water Content Fruit and Vegetables

In a past email I had mentioned the fact that you don't have to "drink" all of your water. You can actually "chew" your water.

Another benefit of eating fruit and vegetables with each and every meal is the extra water you'll be consuming without even trying. It's a winning plan because you get all the benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables and stay hydrated as well!

You can find a printable list of high water fruits and vegetables HERE.

Remember that you don't have to drink a boatload of water to be properly hydrated. This might sound gross but if your urine is very pale yellow you're probably hitting the mark. The one time when this may not be true would be an hour or so after you've taken your daily multi-vitamin. Your urine may be bright urine at that point and it wouldn't mean that you need additional water. Additional water wouldn't hurt you but the bright yellow color might not signal that it's necessary but would rather be a sign that your body is excreting water soluble vitamins at that point.

Drink Up! Or maybe I should say Chew UP!

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