Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Use Soap But Not Just Any Soap

In a past post I mentioned that I've also simplified my hair routine. I figured while I'm letting it all hang out I'd go ahead and blog about it.

I decided I wanted to simplify my hair routine too. At this point it's still a project in evolution but I can share where I am at the moment.

Hairdressers will shudder when I share this but yes, I have been using soap to shampoo my hair - specifically "Black Soap." If you use permanent color or even temporary color on your hair I can't atttest to what this soap would do to it. As I've mentioned, I use color a few times a year - it washes out in less than a month. I don't see a huge change with using the black soap but that's me. Remember that your milage may vary.

If I had more time I'd explain what Black Soap is but because I'm time crunched and since a great explanation is available on line I'll create a link instead.

I use the black soap to wash my hair and at this point I'm still using a dime sized dollop of Suave humectant conditioner. I plan to move to every other day with the conditioner this week and then go longer and longer between until I'm not using it at all. Why Suave? I read that it doesn't contain gluten. I can get a really bad rash on the back of my neck near my hairline with many products and Suave doesn't cause the rash. Neither do the soap and/or oil that I've  been using.

Once I towel dry my hair I put a tiny squirt of Kelechi Oil in my hand, rub my hands together and distribute it through my hair. Then run my fingers though it allowing it to dry until I finish with my brief skin moisturizing/make-up routine. Then I hit it very briefly with a hair dryer to finish it off.

I used to use shampoo, conditioner, and two hair products so I'm down one product. I also condition my hair with my own mixture of shea butter and jojoba oil from time to time. As I've slowly pared down my routine my hair has felt more and more healthy.

For local clients I plan to give out little sample bars of black soap once I find the time to cut and package them.

I purchase my black soap, shea butter and kelechi oil from the company I linked to above. Please note that while their products are great their shipping is slower than molasses in the dead of winter. It took over a month for my last order to get to me! I continue to order from them  because their products are pure and an excellent value for the money.

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