Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Letting the Real Me Show Through

I promised a review of Cindy Joseph's BOOMSTICK trio and here it is! I love this trio! Using them allows me to cut back my morning routine and save time. I also don't have to worry about what chemicals I might be applying to my face because BOOMSTICKS are pure enough to apply to your lips. Any make-up you can apply to your lips has to be edible.

The BOOMSTICK Trio goes by the names of GLO, GLIMMER and COLOR.

GLO is the same formulation as BOOMSILK except that it has more beeswax in it. I love it as a little extra TLC for my under eye area. It's also great on my lips.

GLIMMER is this natural beige color with a tiny bit of - well - glimmer. I use it as an all over eye shadow and face highlighter (cheekbones, center of the nose etc.). It can also be used as lipstick or in the center of the lip on top of GLO but I haven't tried that yet.

BOOMSTICK COLOR is the amazing plum brown color. I use it as blush, eye contour and lip stain/gloss.

Note: I had no problem with creasing with any of the BOOMSTICKS no matter where I wore them on my face.

Cindy tells you that both BOOMSTICK GLOW and COLOR will work for any skin tone and I believe it! I tend to have a tough time finding cosmetic colors for my skin tone and yet both of these are perfect. Apparently it's because they're sheer enough that your natural color shows through. They don't cover up your face. They blend with your natural skin tone and leave your skin looking and feeling soft and dewy.

I'm loving using these three products along with BOOMSILK to pare down my morning routine.

Cindy Joseph says it a lot better than I can. You can find this vid on her website but I'll put it here in case you don't feel like following the link.



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