Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mixing T-Tapp With Traditional Exercise

I get questions about this quite often so I thought I'd answer some of the most common questions I get about it.

First of all, and most importantly you NEVER, EVER need to mix T-Tapp with anything. NEVER! It's a stand alone program that works beautifully on its own. The confusion comes in when people start to burn out on it or get bored because they're treating it like traditional exercise and thinking that they need to do more and more and more because that's how to get results. Been there, done that and I have to tell you that whenever I see someone colliding toward this end point I want to scream SLOW DOWN! in an effort to save them from themselves.

The big thing to remember about T-Tapp is that it's super efficient so you will over time need less exercise. (Exercise haters take note of that please.)

That said, you can mix T-Tapp with traditional exercise. There area  few stand alone T-Tapp moves that you can intermingle with more traditional activities and/or movements. There are a few shorter T-Tapp workouts that can be done before short traditional workouts. I never suggest turning T-Tapp+Traditional into a marathon workout unless of course you're training for a marathon because, quite frankly it's totally counter productive.

The T-Tapp movements are sequential and as such are designed to be done in order. That's where the idea that they are boring comes in. Well to that I say, that yoga is done in sequential order and yogis don't find it boring.  that there are actually a lot of benefits to sequential movement - but that's a whole different blog post. My point is that you don't want to break apart this beautifully designed sequence and perform it out of sequence in order to "mix it up."

With those ideas in place I plan to write some blog posts describing some rotations and or short workouts you can do that mix T-Tapp with Traditional exercise. Why would you want to do this given all I've just written?

The main valid reason I can think of is because you have specific sports or strength movements that for whatever reason you need to maintain or you are training for an event and want to knock it out of the ball park.

The biggest reason against mixing Traditional with T-Tapp is because you want to workout longer and harder and longer and harder and you're looking for an extreme puke in a bucket workout. If you're looking for that please move along. I'm happily reformed in that area and healthier for it thank you very much.

If you think you can live with all the rules I just set up feel free to either follow the blog or check out the "T-Tapp Plus Traditional Exercise" Label for new ideas on an occasional visit to the blog.

Many of the ideas I list will be short - 30 minutes or less. None of the ideas I list will be longer than an hour - that's just plan silly. The one exception to that may be if I decide to put up a 6 month marathon training plan. We shall see.

If you have specific requests please place them in the comments section of this post or contact me. Please be patient however, because I have no plans on overtraining myself or messing up my health and physical results in an effort to provide a vast array of workouts of this type.

See you in the gym - well the virtual gym that is.


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