Sunday, April 7, 2013

Refusing to be Invisible

Between the ages of about 30 until 49 women are accosted by a rath (I'm feeling so ballsy, I made that word up.) of advertising designed to show us exactly what is wrong with us - usually what is wrong is OF COURSE -age related. Then we are told exactly what we need to spend our money on in order to FIX exactly what it is that is wrong with us.

Women have been preyed upon in this way for years. The magazine and media ads often pretend to be interested in helping us feel better about ourselves but like the diet sodas that were supposed to, without effort make us svelt, these ads have had just the opposite effect. They erode our confidence and make us question ourselves.

Round about age 50 the assault kind of disappears and quite frankly, it can be a relief, until that is, you realize that the assault has disappeared because you, yourself, are considered
to be invisible - too old to be worth taking note of - too old to be worth saving from the ravages of aging and fashion faux pas. Too old to be marketed to. Set out to pasture.

HA! Well guess what manufacturers? The freaking joke is on you! A growing number of women of a certain age are thumbing our noses at the idiots that used to hold our self confidence ransom for the price of a bottle of anti-aging foundation! The cool thing about this is that many of us have the disposible income to buy this junk - if we want to - but we're too smart to fall for the smarmy advertising designed to tell us that we are somehow less than we should be.

We ARE or at least can be exactly who and what we want to be and don't need anyone to explain it to us or to guide us - wallet opened - along the path to perfection. We are mature and yes, intelligent enough to figure it out ourselves.

I previously wrote about Cindy Joseph and her wonderful blog. Well today, thanks to NPR
another marvelously supportive blog, "Advanced Style" has popped onto my radar.

The links are well worth investigating but just in case you're short on time I'll leave you with this short video.

You'll notice that she is not blind to things about herself that are less than perfect. She has simply decided not to worry about them and to instead accentuate the positive - and there's a whole lot that is positive! I would say that is a true statement about any of us women. THERE IS A WHOLE LOT THAT IS POSITIVE! Your challenge for the coming week is to make that your mantra!

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Lannette Madden said...

No one has yet asked me the obvious question and I'm not sure if you're being kind or just don't care enough to ask.

The irony of today's post when examined in the light of some of my other recent posts and activities doesn't escape me.

I plan to talk about this and about the process that I find myelf going through. So far it's a far from smooth but very interesting ride. :)