Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What to Expect During A Massage Therapy Session

This is a short but informative video on what to expect during a massage therapy session. I don't have repeat clients fill out a new intake form with each visit but I do ask that they update me on any changes in their health history and we do review what their goals are for the session.
I also tend to use draping that's a bit more secure than shown in the video.

I can't begin to express how important communication is between therapist and client. That doesn't mean that there must be a steady stream of conversation. It means that your therapist needs to take time to establish and clarify your goals for the session. If at any point you feel that those goals aren't being met you need to speak up.

There are times when more conversation is needed. An example would be when the session goal is to relieve a tight, painful area and the therapist needs your feedback on pressure and/or discomfort levels.

Good communication with your therapist will provide a better massage experience now and allow you to experience more prolonged benefits after your massage is completed.

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