Monday, May 20, 2013

Arm Tips: Reach Away for Multiple Benefits

I've written about this topic before but it was in relation to connecting with T-Tapp when you come from a weight training background.

We've pretty much finished our kitchen demolition and I can tell you that we are really good at this demolition business. We'll see how good we are at replacing all the old stuff we removed with the new replacement stuff. And what does that have to do with using your arms to reach away, you may ask? Plenty.

There are many activities that can cause wrist, elbow, and/or shoulder pain. Pulling, lifting, carrying as we've been doing will certainly exhaust your arms but then so will sitting at a desk with slightly rounded shoulders while you type the day away. Any activity that has you repetitively sitting or standing OVER something or someone or repetitively reaching will bind up your upper body.

This weekend I popped out of bed on Saturday and did Healthy Hormones and then on Sunday did Step Away the Inches. I chose those workouts due to their inflammation calming abilities in a very short workout window. Clobbering my body after spending hours beating it up with the unfamiliar activities of demolition didn't seem like the kind or gentle thing to do.

I took each workout a step farther and maximized the healing potential by consciously reaching away from the midline of my torso during the arm movements.

Try it: Put your arms out to the sides of your body and just hold them there. Now begin to pull away from the midline of your body as if you're trying to split your sternum. You'll initially feel a whole lot more muscle kick in and contract but then you'll feel this sensation of decompression through the joints of your arms. Decompression is a very healing activity.

Our synovial joints don't have a pump to pump synovial fluid around. Movement is the only pump that moves this balm around the joint bathing the joint surfaces with the fluid that actually feeds the joint. Turns out that decompression alternated with relaxation will also create a kind of suction that will encourage the joint to produce fluid which helps to maintain a healthy joint.

As if to prove my point my body feels rested and balanced this morning despite three days of non-stop physical activity and a 4:14 am wake up call.. My initial  link in this post will actually take you through a couple of additional reach away movements so feel free to access it.

I can honestly tell you that we can lift weights until we're blue in the face and not regain the mobility that we almost all lose as we age. I can also tell you that T-Tapp linear alignment will reopen the joints and ranges of motion that tend to close with aging. Add that reach away and you've got a combination that can't be beat and a younger feeling and acting body!

You can use the above reach away activity in your work place as a simple stretch break. Just be certain to stretch your arms directly to the side and line up the joints in a straight line. What have you got to lose?

Warning: If this or any movement produces joint pain, stop using the movement and consult your doctor or movement professional.


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