Friday, May 10, 2013

Emergency Plan for Times when you have NO time to exercise or just don't feel like it.

I like to have an emergency "workout" to pull out on a day when I have a day where there is simply no time to exercise OR I don't feel like doing one session.

It's simple: I commit to doing 3 sets of hoedowns during the day. One in morning, one in afternoon and one in the early evening. This is great for my long 12-14 hour days because it recharges me at three different points of day.

In addition to my hoedowns I attempt to pull away from the action and walk briskly 2-3 times that day - or do a little step away. I love the step lift sequence for this. A flight or two of stairs also works well. (5 or so minutes each time)

If you have the time doing primary back stretch prior to the first set of hoedowns in the morning is a wonderful thing. It unkinks the spine and gets you ready to rumble.

I place this in the 15 - 30 minute miracle classification because that's about the amount of time you will end up spending on exercise if you pull out this plan.

Of note is the fact that I DO NOT recommend that you make a daily habit of using this emergency workout. Do that and before you know it you'll be dreading those hoedowns. It's much more fun to keep it fresh and pull it out only on occasion. There are other emergency - spread out through the day workouts you can use in a pinch. I'll try to remember to post them as I end up pulling them out for my own use.

On a busy day you may be tempted to think you simply can't pull away but believe me when I say you will feel better and be more productive for having taken those little 5 minute breaks.

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