Friday, May 31, 2013

Going for the Green

One of the biggest challenges of our kitchen remodel has been living with a dorm sized refrigerator because it limits the amount of raw, fresh, greens I can store. I normally enjoy a green smoothie and/or soup with blenderized greens on a daily basis. I normally stock up on kale, spinach, romaine and/or chard when I do my weekly shopping on Friday or Saturday and as long as I choose the freshest I can find I'm good for the week.

I prep soup on the weekend and put it in serving sized containers for lunches or so we can grab some goodness whenever we're hungry. If I know I'm going to be particularly busy I'll prep a couple of green smoothies in advance and store them in mason jars, again for easy access. With the smaller fridge this just hasn't been possible and I'm quite frankly missing my steady stream of greens!

I've previously mentioned that I'm moving back to a T-Tapp lifestyle and one of the things I had gotten away from was Teresa's premium blended alfalfa.

I can tell you first hand that this product is a great assist during the years when a woman's hormones are in a flux. It was a lifesaver for me during that time of life. After that all settled down I kind of slowly but surely fell away from using it but when my steady stream of greens slowed to a relative trickle I decided to revisit this product and ordered a bottle.

You will find this product in the "Skin Care and Cellulite Control" area of the T-Tapp Store.
The whole notion of cellulite let alone having control of it is off putting to some people.

Let's be honest, cellulite happens but that's another post for another time. For now, being tight on time I'll tell you that Alfalfa is considered food versus being a supplement. It's anti-inflammatory - and you know I can use that! It can actually be used to ease muscle soreness. It's quite powerful when teamed up with Step away the inches or Healthy Hormones.

Teresa's alfalfa is organic and pesticide free and processed to keep it intact. Most importantly it's safe for those with autoimmune issues. I could go on but I'm basically drawing this info from the write up on the T-Tapp store so I'll encourage you to go there and read about this product.

You know I'm not about chasing the "youth train" and that is what makes Teresa's approach to skin health valuable to me. Teresa's skin care solutions and healthy movement center around tuning up your body's own assimilation, detoxification and elimination systems. They simply help the body take better care of itself. How amazing is that?

I won't be swearing off my steady stream of dietary greens any time soon but I will be continuing to take alfalfa and I'll share any changes I notice while doing so.


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