Thursday, May 9, 2013

Portion Control Ponderings

Wow! This is working better than I could ever imagine! Today I hit a number on my scale that I thought I'd never see again after hitting age 50. It's also my lowest number since I started pulling myself out of the exhaustive state I got myself into. Actually it's the lowest number since I plunged into exhaustion. This weight represents a goal I set way back when I began eating to build my body back up and to decrease inflammation.

It wouldn't have happened without portion control. Yet, I can honestly say that portion control or at least the steady weight loss to make it truly worthwhile - eluded me in the past. So why is that? Why is it possible for us to successfully limit portions at one point in our lives, when we were unable to do so at another point in our lives?

I think the answer for me and quite possibly for some others as well lies in Dr. Joel Fuhrman's concepts of nutritional density and hunger. I wrote about his book Eat to Live and The End Of Diabetes previously. The links will take you to those posts.

I've also written about Dr. Ann's website and books and to be honest the way I eat is a combination of the two that works for me - at times closer to Dr. Ann's and at other times closer to Dr. Fuhrman's vegan plan. It all depends on what I feel like preparing for a week, what is seasonal, what is on sale at our local co-op, etc.

To me Nutritional Density is choosing my foods to really totally tank my body up on wonderful, whole foods with a heavy emphasis on fruits and vegetables. I put serious portion control on the back burner for one year in order to work on doing this "tanking up" process in an effort to rebuild my body from the inside out. I seem to be bothered by cravings for sweets, fats and more simple carbs unless my body is totally nutritionally stocked up.

I'll tell you that I've been making good choices for years so those cravings were satisfied with homemade raw desserts, raw nuts and seeds and whole grain pasta or brown rice. Yet despite those excellent choices my weight was stalled, bouncing up and down in a 6 pound range (3 up, 3 down) until I eliminated the cravings and the additional calories, though I will say that the weight loss seems in excess of the calories I'm eating.

Toxic hunger, as I experience it was - I believe - part of the cravings cycle. Dr. Fuhrman talks about detoxing from processed foods in his books. I wasn't eating processed foods and haven't for years but I was still experiencing toxic hunger. I believe this was because my portions were too large and so I was never detoxing.

So it was a nasty circle: Eat more than I need and shut off the detox cycle leading to toxic hunger which caused me to eat more than I needed. It was only after truly saturating myself with nutrients for a year that the toxic hunger left and the ability to truly and consistently limit my portions and also see slow and steady weight loss appeared. Will it last? Good question. I'll be honest and share if it doesn't.

I'm going to be hit with a challenge where eating is concerned. We're remodeling our kitchen - YEA! It's already ripped up - we're doing some of the work ourselves. I have a plan to hold onto our healthy eating and I'll share the recipes and/or sources for those recipes that will be part of that plan. Hopefully I can hold onto the healthy weight loss I've achieved - I'll let you know.

I believe that one other change was part of this whole weight loss deal. That's sane, T-Tapp workouts rather than half killing myself trying to beat my body into submission with chronic cardio or heavy duty weight training. Teresa Tapp tells us that T-Tapp rebuilds the body from the inside out. I've always believed this but it's been proven to me once again.


Dawn said...

I have seen similar changes since starting Byron Richard's Leptin Diet. Portion Control is one of his 5-Rules. Have you learned about the Leptin Diet? I've dropped 10 pounds in the 30-days since I started the Leptin Diet. I had been stalled in my weight loss and exhaustion as well. Two weeks into the Leptin Diet, my energy levels were back to normal and I was able to do regular activities again without worrying about needing to sleep for 2-hours after exertion. I've also been T-Tapping for 14-months and agree that working from the inside out really helps!

Lannette Madden said...

Hi Dawn,

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I remember hearing about a book about a Leptin Diet on the T-Tapp forums years ago.

If I remember correctly you eat three meals and no snacks? If true that would actually promote the body to detox between meals.

I'm glad that it worked for you and congratulate you on your 14 months of T-Tapping.

I would be reluctant to change anything I'm doing since I am feeling well, am currently at a good weight and not experiencing food cravings but I thank you for mentioning it.

Lannette Madden said...

Coming back to add one more thought to this. I have to admit that I bristle at the idea of being on a "diet."

It isn't that I'm concerned about limiting portions or cutting out less than healthy foods but as soon as something is labeled "diet" I automatically pull away from it.