Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"PRE"Hab is preferable to Rehab

I wrote a little about injury yesterday. But what if you could rebalance your body before you end up injured? How wonderful would that be? That's the concept of "Pre"Hab!

Do you wake up stiff and sore even when you haven't done much. Do you have one or more joints or a back that either nag(s) constantly or that you can count on to become problematic one or more times a year? Do your pain and problems seem like while troublesome they aren't truly serious enough for full blown medical intervention. OR have you gone through medical intervention and pretty much maxed out the system - without getting any relief or ending up feeling worse for the effort?

If any of the above describe your situation your body is begging for "pre"hab. You could start by trying the chair form checks I wrote up previously. You can find the first one HERE.  and the second  HERE and the third  HERE  and the fourth HERE and the fifth HERE (I think I got those links right.)

If you give those a try and either: want a more comprehensive program or feel that you need a DVD to follow I'd highly recommend Senior Fit. You can read my review and/or order it by following that link. This dvd moves slowly enough that you can feel your way through the movements. This is really important if you have areas that are painful or just plain "tricky."

You could spend your first entire week simply doing the "Warm-up workout" contained on the DVD. Doing so would allow you to get in touch with your body and begin to unravel the pain.

Next you could continue with the warm-up workout but add an instructional movement afterwards. I'd suggest that you add them in the order they are presented, working on each one for a few days after performing the warm-up.

After you're comfortable with the instructional movements  you could attempt the workout doing only as much as you are both comfortable and have enough energy to attempt. Over time work up to the full workout.

As I've mentioned a ton of times in multiple posts  Menopause Management for Healthy Hormones would be another appropriate "pre"hab DVD. I tend to like Senior Fit better because of the warm-up it contains but MMHH could also fit the bill.

If you have questions about this please feel free to post them here or contact me through our contact link at

It's also important to remember that when attempting to "Pre"hab you want to go slow and steady. Being sore in various muscles is fine as long as that soreness fades in 24-48 hours.

Soreness experienced in a joint itself however isn't a good thing. That requires follow-up. If you are using T-Tapp and experience this you need to contact, me, another trainer in your area OR the T-Tapp office for advice on how to proceed.

Excessive fatigue the day of, the next day or even two days later - bone deep exhaustion - is also something to be respected. It's a signal that you're pushing too hard or more probably too long and often. Again, don't hesitate to ask for advice in adjusting your schedule.

The above approach can also be a great way to go if you are already serious or competitive exerciser who is overtrained and/or exhausted and need a recovery break. Depending on where you are with fitness and your schedule you could adjust these recommendations or  use other T-Tapp DVDs with Senior Fit.

Long story short? Consider "pre"hab before you end up needing Rehab. T-Tapp is my go to "Pre"hab gem.

Adding to this post: Basic Workout Plus is another great starter T-Tapp workout for "Pre"hab. I wrote more about it HERE


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