Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Proof of the Power of a 15-30 Minute Miracle Workout!

When I need a little inspiration I visit the T-Tapp site. There are plenty of inspiring success stories. I can tell you that I've met some of the featured people and the stories are real and true and honestly presented.

With everything going on in my life at the moment I was in need of a little motivation yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I came upon the perfect success story to motivate me to continue using my 15-30 minute miracle workouts despite being crazy busy.

The story highlights a mother and daughter who successfully used the 15 minute Basic Workout Plus over the course of a year. Kristal (pictured here) began the year at 222 pounds and ended the year at 136 pounds! You can read the story HERE. I've talked about this workout before. You can find it on the T-Tapp site HERE.  If you missed Deep Discount Tuesday yesterday please note that there is a May special on the page I linked to that represents an awesome value.

It can be hard to wrap your head around two things when attempting to embrace the T-Tapp system - and I speak from experience as a reformed extreme exerciser.

First, less is truly more and doing more just might yield you less results. Beating the body into submission with too much exercise only appears to work for a period of time. That period might last months or it might last years but when it comes to end there is payback out the wazoo.

Second, if you get few early results or get great results and then those results taper or dry up you need to hang on. I truly believe that T-Tapp builds and rebuilds the body from the inside out. I'm experiencing this right now! T-Tapp achieves this more quickly than anything I've experienced. In the end however it all depends upon how much rebuilding your body needs and every body is different.

Kristal's amazing changes happened over the course of a year. If she had tossed up her hands and stopped after 2 weeks or even two months how do you think her after shot would have looked?

Finally, you may need to look at your overall lifestyle and be open to making some changes. Lifestyle modification is my specialty and I can tell you that little adjustments can bring about huge changes in how you look, how you feel and your future risk for disease. Lifestyle change is THE most powerful "medicine" we have to date. Seriously! I'll try to highlight some of the amazing studies that come across my desk as an RN coordinator in future posts.

So your challenge for today is to think about what you want to change about your health, your body shape, your weight, how you feel. Then ask yourself how much change you are willing to make to achieve those changes.

Feel free to post your answers here or email me with them. I plan to offer some one on one lifestyle change counseling sessions locally. You can do this. All you need is a commitment to reach your goals and a plan to get there.


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