Tuesday, May 21, 2013

T-Tapp More Level 2 - A review

 I consider this to be another value DVD because of the number and range of workouts it contains. The DVD is nicely chaptered allowing you to choose exactly which workout you want to use. The T-Tapp More series was created for people who have more health considerations, candles on their birthday cake or more weight to lose. I believe that this series can be used in a multitude of ways by anyone of any level.

As with most T-Tapp DVDs Instruction is first. You can choose the entire 46 minute instructional or choose from a menu of individual instructional movements. This, in my opinion, makes the instructional section infinitely usable. I love having the option of working on my form for just one or a few movements depending upon my needs or the time I have available. The idea of choosing 2-3 of the movements that challenge you most and working through the instructional version of those movements would be a great alternative for a day when you aren't up to a full workout but still would like to accomplish something.

Next up is the first workout. It's a 15-30 minute miracle workout coming in at just under 27 minutes! I did this workout yesterday and loved it's slow smooth attention to detail. It afforded me the chance to really work on my form on some of the T-Tapp moves that aren't in Healthy Hormones, like lunges and balance. I got a great full body workout with a lower body emphasis and realignment that I am still gently aware of this morning.

I think that the secret to sucking up the most goodness out of this or any T-Tapp DVD is to work at your level but put as much into it as you are able. The shorter workout time for this DVD, along with the water breaks between movements makes this possible. I had decided before beginning the workout that I was going to make an effort to really work deeply into the lower body isometrics and doing so really packed a punch. The difference between a T-Tapp punch and a traditional workout that is demanding enough to half kill me is that I am always in control of the intensity of my T-Tapp workouts and that makes a huge difference - in enjoyment but also in safety. Once again this workout is available as individual movements which you can pick and choose from. I can see myself using this option in a variety of ways but that's another post.

Next up is a fusion of T-Tapp More 2 and the new Senior Fit Form. This workout is an hour and a minute long and wait until you see Berei! Teresa tells us that there is 8 years between the shorter workout and this one and Berei doesn't look one second older! I have found another mentor for healthy aging ladies and it's Berei. I've met her and she's as beautiful inside as out so maybe that's part of the secret though I know she'd tell you that T-Tapp is also a huge part of her ability to keep having birthdays without aging.

I previewed this workout but didn't have time to try it yet so the review will wait for another post. Again the workout is chaptered and this gives me a few MORE ideas of how to use this DVD - pun intended.

The last section is another 15-30 minute gem. The total section runs just over 21 minutes and consists of T-Tapp chair, broom and step away the inches. It's chaptered so you can do each short segment separately or combine two or all of them for a very nice variety of movement. This would be great for a day when you aren't up for a regular T-Tapp movement but want to get moving. You can also take the seated movements and use them as "stretch break" movements when you're at work or seated at a computer for a period of time.

You can purchase this DVD HERE.


Anonymous said...

I've been doing healthy hormones to help with pcos and adrenal fatigue and am really liking it but want some variety. Would the MORE 2 27 minute or hour long workouts also help with these issues? Thanks for all the information on your site.

Lannette Madden said...

I was about to tell you that you could most likely branch out to any T-Tapp workout but then noticed you are also struggling with adrenal fatigue. I think More 2 would give you the variety you crave without exhausting you. Some other good choices for the future would be "step away the inches" and "Basic Workout Plus."

I'm glad you're enjoying the information. You can help support the site by clicking through the T-Tapp icon at the top right of each page when you make T-Tapp purchases.

Thanks for reading and for taking the time to post your question.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I appreciate the help and advice and will definitely click the icon on this page next time I make a T-Tapp purchase.

Lannette Madden said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I have one more question: I'm also very short torso/very long legs. Would both MORE 2 workouts help the same with middle of the body pudge? Again, thanks so much!

Lannette Madden said...

All of the T-Tapp workouts are great for whittling waists. As you may or may not know someone with a short torso has a harder time achieving a small waist and in most cases won't achieve as small a waist as a long torso will. You will achieve a set of killer legs though. :)

If you haven't already check out this as the info could also positively impact your PCOS: http://qbserendipity.blogspot.com/2015/11/reversing-belly-fat-with-restorative_13.html

And this one: http://www.t-tapp.com/articles/shorttorso/index.html

Hope that helps and don't be sorry for asking questions. I love questions!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! You're awesome!

Lannette Madden said...

Thanks! You're pretty darn awesome yourself! Keep in touch, ok?