Saturday, May 25, 2013

More Proof of the Power of T-Tapp and 15-30 minute miracle workouts

Right now I have 1,003.5 pounds of kitchen cabinets, sink and accessories sitting in my great room. It's not a pretty sight.

What does that have to do with T-Tapp you ask? Well DH and I moved that 1,000 pounds of boxes from the truck into the house just over 45 minutes. This included us teaming up to carry in the 125+ pound porcelain double bowled farm style sink - up 7 steps I might add.   <flexing my biceps and grinning>

I carried my share and am not one bit sore today even though my strength workouts of late have consisted of my 15-30 minute miracle T-Tapp workouts and not every day either! This is verification that less IS more and T-Tapp does keep me strong in a very functional way and on a very tight time table. LOVE IT!

Today we'll start assembling and probably hang some of the wall cabinets.

So far the whole plan has gone without a hitch. All of the cabinets and accessories were in stock. The replacement appliances arrived earlier than originally planned and they took away the old stuff. The new stuff is sleek and beautiful and fits perfectly. I can't believe how much bigger the smaller, counter depth, space saver, Euro appliances make the kitchen area look! The fit across one wall could be tight but I have a simple contingency plan should that prove to be true.

I'm currently trying to decide on countertops and the decision hasn't been easy. Marble would look delicious but I'm pretty sure I'm not up for the maintenance required. Granite that looks similar to marble would be great but I'm not sure that getting it won't be a logistical nightmare. If I relax and let it happen I'm sure we'll find the perfect solution.

My thought for this holiday weekend is quite apropos to us creating the kitchen of our dreams in a space others shrugged off as too narrow, too small and a few other negative adjectives.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. - Michael Jordan


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