Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tone your Triceps Without Weights!

My post on the clap away series sent me off to see if Teresa had posted an explanation or video of the movement anywhere on the web. She has not so I am going to respect that and not give the movement away. I did find something else that will give you a feeling for how powerful T-Tapp upper body work can be. And that is her Triceps work.

If you are totally new to T-Tapp you can alternately try the arm movement above while sitting in a chair with your knees slightly apart (hip width) and feet straight ahead. Then lift your ribs high until you feel your lats (sides of your mid-back) kick in. Then perform the triceps curls.

This movement, along with the shoulder rolls below really help strengthen the back line of the upper body. This area is a muscle area that tends to "go to sleep" as we get older. It isn't age that causes this. It's plain old disuse. Using these T-Tapp techniques reawakens the area - reactivates the muscles and over time trims and tones the body, improving posture and leaving you feeling - looking - and moving as if the clock had been turned back.

Hard to believe I know. That's why I post the videos so you can give it a try yourself. Sounds too good to be true but I lost 3" off my upper back area after my first 7 day boot camp with the Healthy Hormones DVD. This dvd uses these types of movements quite extensively.



Try using these simple movements a few times a day and experience the T-Tapp Upper Body difference.

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