Friday, June 28, 2013

Accelerometer Pedometers

I think of an accelerometer Pedometer as a souped up pedometer. There are distinct advantages to this type of a pedometer.

They are usually quite forgiving of position. If your belly causes an  accelerometer pedometer to  tilt forward it will still count your steps. This also means that they tend to be  more accurate. Some even advertise being accurate when placed in a pocket or your handbag you are carrying.

They are also silent so no - click - click - click - as you walk along.

Because they tend to be higher quality they usually - but not always - last longer than your run of the mill pedometer.

Some accelerometer pedometers will track running versus walking steps.

Now for the disadvantages - which I feel do not outweigh the advantages.

They tend to be more costly, though this is changing to some degree.

In my observation, the more accurate but less expensive APs tend to be bigger - though again, this is changing.

They tend to use more battery power - though many now use watch style batteries, which will last longer.

As far as T-Tapp workouts go they will track your Step Away the Inches workouts and also track sets of hoedowns, and Jog rocks. They may pick up steps during the standing and even floor workouts but I don't believe that it will be consistent. It can still be a great tool to get you moving more, especially if you set regular goals and then watch the pedometer to be sure you're meeting them.

I linked to an Omron pedometer, which I am not testing. I chose to test a different accelerometer pedometer and tomorrow I'll share which one, why I decided that it was the one to test and what I'm thinking so far.


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