Monday, June 17, 2013

Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap

I recently purchased these in an effort to streamline the impact of our laundry.

Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap comes in a small cardboard box containing two small cotton sacks with drawstrings. You place 4-5 eco nuts into a sack, tie the drawstring and throw it into your washer tub.

I didn't want to write about these until I'd done at least 10 loads. After having done so my opinion is very positive. This is a product I'll continue to use on a regular basis! My observation is that the laundry is clean and feels softer than with regular detergent - even the "green" detergents. Amazon also carries Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap Trial Size. I went for the 100 load box and I'm glad I did. Amazon also carries Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap, 360-Load Box. It's not an add-on so this is probably what I'll buy next time. There was some talk in the reviews about not getting the number of wash loads that is listed on the box; So far I've gotten 10-12 out of 5 nuts/bag. I have a HE front loader.

I've been adding some white vinegar to the fabric softener cup of my machine and then tossing one Mrs. Meyer's Dryer Sheets Geranium 80 Count into the dryer. I've also had good luck with using Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Bathroom Cleaner as a spray pre-spot treatment when needed.

I had read somewhere a method of making your own dryer sheets from fabric squares and liquid fabric softener. I'd like to try it using Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Fabric Softener. Now I just need to find the instructions on how to do it.

Eco nuts were investigated by ABC news. You can find that info HERE and HERE.

At one point I had been making my own detergent. This is way easier and may just be as cost effective.

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