Sunday, June 23, 2013

Foods that Heal, Foods that Hurt: The power to choose is yours...

THIS LINK will take you to Dr. Joel Fuhrman's online library and an article on the 10 best and worse foods for longevity

THIS LINK. will take you to Dr. Ann Kulze's Superstar Foods series of articles. I was thrilled beyond belief to have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Ann by phone the other day. She is as dynamic in real life as she is in her books and videos!

If you embrace even a bit of what they teach you will improve your health and vitality more than you thought possible. (It won't hurt your cholesterol numbers either. LOL)

The only thing that stands between getting on board with healthy eating and not is whether or not we believe that the control to do so is in our own two hands.

The challenge for today is to try to be aware of the choices we make and when you become aware that you're about to make a choice remind yourself that the power to choose health is yours and yours along.

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