Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ideas on How to Use T-Tapp Warm-Up Workouts

After enjoying the warm-up workout on Senior Fit I've been wanting to review the other Warm-up workouts available on the T-Tapp site. I'm finally getting around to doing so but today I decided to share some ideas about potential uses for these workouts and the potential benefits you might receive by using them in the ways I suggest.

The idea that excites me most is t recommending these workouts to the person who was excited about the changes they were seeing with T-Tapp but then had those changes slow or even stop - Or for the rarer person who isn't really seeing changes. It's common to hear recommendations for form review when this happens and it's a valid recommendation. Moving to a brief Warm-up Workout Bootcamp and then interjecting a warm-up workout into the schedule weekly or biweekly has a ton of potential and merit.

Doing so allows for a subtle change in activity to act as stimulus for change. It also allows for a deeper understanding and appreciation for linear alignment and a self review of form. I believe that this would go on to allow the Tapper to get even greater benefit from a group or one on one T-Tapp class/form review.

If a bootcamp isn't your thing you could simply add one or two of these sessions into your weekly T-Tapp schedule in order to change things up..

If you're feeling exhausted due to the other physical or mental activity you happen to be doing you could use these workouts as active rehabilitative recovery.

These workouts could also be a very beneficial addition to a traditional exercise schedule.

When I used to do only traditional workouts I used to take a day off each week and/ or  make one day of the week more of a recovery type week. These workouts allow the traditional exerciser to have a T-Tapp recovery day each week while rebalancing the body and encouraging greater mind/body awareness.

For someone who is training for a marathon, half marathon or triathlon these workouts would be a wonderful training adjunct. T-Tapp is a wonderful training adjunct for these activities but as you get toward the end of your training you need more recovery time - though most people fail to take it - and the warm-up workouts could give you recovery that would be performance enhancing.

They would have similar benefits for someone who is training for figure competition.

Please understand that I'm not suggesting these DVDs as an alternative to Starter workouts. I've simply been enjoying them and wanted to share some of my ideas on how to use them both traditionally and non-traditionally. Less really can be More!


Janol said...

Lannette, which of the 3 Warm Up dvds is your favorite. I have all of TT's dvds except these and two others.

Lannette Madden said...

Hi JL,

I'm not really sure which is my favorite but I can tell you that warm up 1 is my most used. I think this is because the standing and floor segments are almost the same length. I tend to reach for workouts that have short segments because I love mixing and matching for variety. On that DVD each segment is in the neighborhood of 30 minutes.

Lannette Madden said...

Just letting you know that I deleted your duplicate comment only because it was a duplicate.