Tuesday, June 18, 2013

T-Tapp Warm Up Stretches: A Review and Deep Discount Tuesday

O - M - G -OODNESS! My brain is seriously burning due to a major T-Tapp AHA moment - a bunch of them actually.

THIS DVD needs to be in every T-Tapper's workout arsenal. If you've clicked around the T-Tapp store lately you might have passed up the Warm Up Stretches DVD simply because it's marked down to $10.00 - Yes $10.00! This is one case where discount doesn't mean that a DVD isn't a bargain.

I've been told that Teresa marked this down because she's using a hand mike and puts the mike down for part of the workout. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that because there are some people for whom DVD production values are everything. There was a time when I sang harmony for the sentiment but I'm older and wiser now and I'm going to tell you that what the lead or cast is wearing, the set and the sound of any DVD pale compared to the benefits you are able to derive from the DVD. Of course if you can't hear what the lead is saying or understand them it's a whole other thing but with this DVD there are no issues with hearing Teresa's message and experiencing what that message delivers.

But let me get to the review...

This DVD is 71 minutes long but feels shorter. It starts off a little slowly but for good reason. You will basically be taking part in a filmed fitness retreat class from 2007.

Teresa takes you through this wonderful full body warm up/stretch workout and as she does she explains a variety of T-Tapp alignment, muscle activation and lymphatic pumping concepts.

She manages to do this in a way that has you participating in her explanation even as she is explaining and demonstrating. I learn really well by return demonstration while being coached through movement so this DVD was wonderfully mind/body stimulating even as it was calming.

It's one of those DVDs where you can do it over and over and pick up a different gem that pops out at you each and every time you do it. Like other T-Tapp DVDs - you won't outgrow it. As you get stronger you'll just take Teresa's message more deeply into your body and experience deeper mind/muscle connection and the AHA moments that come with that..

Some of the concepts covered on this DVD include:

  • The importance of Heel to knee to Hip linear alignment
  • The concept of personal point of position and why it's important
  • Two rarely spoken of ways to increase lymphatic drainage
  • How hamstrings literally tie into back pain
  • And a simple "point" that will activate your abs
There's more but that's where my notes ended because I was too busy connecting with my body to feel where it was off balance but being gently pulled back into balance.

I've read on various internet sites about people who have pain that they assume is from the T-Tapp tuck. While I believe that they experience pain when they do T-Tapp . I also believe that it may not be the tuck itself that is inducing the pain but rather the way the tuck is being executed.

For me, this DVD sheds some light on the tuck and how it's connected to the linear alignment of the heel to knee and knee to hip alignment. AND then going in the opposite direction hip to ribs, ribs to shoulder alignment. It's way more than just a tuck of the bottom.

If you're one of those folks and you decide to get this DVD I suggest a slow approach. You might even want to watch it and take some notes first before doing.

OH! There's also this delicious little nugget on rolling your shoulders up back and down but finding your neutral.

For now I have to finish this post but in a future post I look forward to describing how I think that this DVD could be used by Tappers with various goals and issues. I'm also going to be reviewing the other Warm-Up Workout DVDs.

Popping back to add one more thing : This DVD is a DVD-R. Doesn't bother me but I thought I'd mention it in the interest of full disclosure.

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I've not tried this product but the reviews are great. I think that the Warm-up stretches DVD along with the Gentle Transitions and Healthy Hormones for Menopause Management  would be quite the arsenal.


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