Friday, June 21, 2013

T-Tapp Warm Up Workout #1: A Review and TappClub

I'll begin by saying that T-Tapp Warm Up Workout #1 is only available for Tappclub members.
The good news is that becoming a member is free and is simple. In order to be a member you must own the T-Tapp Total workout or Teresa's book Fit and Fabulous.

Once you become a member your sign in on the site unlocks additional DVDs and an additional specials page. Last time I checked membership was free. How do you know you're a member? If you click on this link for Warm Up Workout #1 and you can see it after signing into the site you're a member.

All that said let me get to the review.

I love workouts that break up a workout to give you more flexibility in using a part or whole of the workout. This workout is divided into standing and Floor sections

The first is standing and warms-up and works the feet. Most people don't give their feet too much thought - unless they are painful - but your feet are your postural base and it's important to keep them limber and strong. My clients and patients are always surprised the first time they find out that I always devote part of each and every class to warming up the feet.  This DVD leaves them feeling wonderful and will definitely rebalance and strengthen them over time.

Like all of Teresa's workouts there's a bonus. Since you are standing in T-Tapp stance with your supporting leg WHILE you stretch and warm-up the feet you get an unbelievable isometric thigh work workout. By the time you finish you're in alignment and ready to face the day. This would be an excellent DVD for dancers, any one who walks or runs, or anyone who spends their work day on their feet.

The second part of this workout is done on the floor. Teresa is quite methodical and by the time I finished this section I found myself feeling balance and aware of the areas that had been opened up.
It's a very beneficial "treat" for the body.

Once again this workout was filmed at a retreat so it's chock full of form insights and tips. I consider this an important part of my "Warm Up Workout Bootcamp." (WUWOBC)

If you've done this workout I'd love to hear about your experiences with it. If you decide to try a WUWOBC I've love to hear about that as well.

This is a pressed DVD with studio quality sound.


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