Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7 minute Workout? But what about form? Adding T-Tapp can Help!

You can find an ABC report on this 7 minute workout that's apparently sweeping the nation HERE. The study upon which it's based previously came across my desk  and I've been waiting to hear more about it. Somehow, despite sweeping the nation - I almost missed it.

I was really happy to see the trainer featured in the article mention that this kind of workout could be dangerous for people who are sedentary. Anytime you increase intensity really quickly you also increase the risk for injury. Picking up intensity to max levels - especially if you're sedentary is very much like performing your own stress test. To that I can only say that there is a reason that they perform maximal stress tests in a hospital setting.....

The news article gives the sequencing and you see snips of the exercises being performed. That's where my T-Tapp Training came in. Watch the part of the clip where she is jogging and lifting her knees high. Do you see her knees moving toward the midline of her body? This tells me a lot about what muscles need t be strengthening in order to truly balance her body. And yet - she also states that she performed the workout because she's been regularly working out with a trainer. HMMMM Regular workouts - weak muscles? I want to point out that I'm not dissing her level of strength. I just want to point out that she could become more balanced and even stronger with a simple addition to her training program.

Of note is the planks and push ups she was able to perform and still her knees drift to midline when she performs "high knees."

I would wager a bet that by adding T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus to her workout schedule she would end that midline leg drift and substantially strengthen and stabilize her core. Doing so would give her more usable strength. The form that T-Tapp teaches would also teach her to work to or at least toward balanced resistance - even in traditional exercise and that can keep you safe.

I've seen at least two runners add substantial speed to their race times - simply by adding T-Tapp to their training schedules. A balanced body is quite simply a better machine.

You wouldn't do such an intense workout schedule on a daily basis. A schedule could look like this -

Day 1 - 7 minute workout (7M)
Day 2 - Basic Workout Plus (BWO+)
Day 3 7M
Day 4 rest or T-Tapp Stretch workout
Day 5 BWO+
Day 6 7M
Day 7 BWO+

Jumping back in to add a link to pictures of the exercises featured in this workout.

You need a timer for the 7 Minute workout and I can't recommend Gymboss Interval Timer highly enough.

Bottom line recommendation? Partake in the traditional exercise but add T-Tapp in order to get more out of your sessions - no matter how short they are.

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