Saturday, July 6, 2013

Green Smoothie Pops???
Mine look just like this
Yum! It's so hot here and we're plodding along trying to stick to our kitchen time line but it's SOOOO HOT! Well as they say, "It's not the heat. It's the humidity."

I'm also trying to downsize our kitchen "stuff." In some cases it's easy. With our smaller European style stove and oven - did I tell you how much I love them? - there are some cookie sheets and baking pans that are just a little too big to be practical. Convection ovens demand the room for air circulation. I also want to find items that allow you to use one baking item for multiple uses.

But I'm getting off track.

Yesterday, while going through a box of kitchen goodies for the 5th time I came across the popsicle set that was a bonus with our vitamix! I decided I'd strike while the temperature was hot and make those green smoothie pops I've been wanting to make forever.

I used my all time favorite recipe. I filled the containers, popped in the wooden sticks, stuck the whole thing in my awesome European freezer and promptly forgot about them.......until today when I was just about melting from humidity.

This is a totally guilt-free way to enjoy superior nutrition while you cool off!

You've got to try them!!

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