Monday, July 29, 2013

Oil Cleansing Method with Nerium

Years ago I tried the Oil Cleansing Method for my face and felt it was ok.

Recently I began looking for a way to deep clean my skin due to the breakouts I was experiencing as Nerium pushes plugs and blockages from years ago out of my pores. I was hoping to speed up the process without harming my skin.

This time around I teamed the oil cleansing up with my Miracle Cloth Make up remover cloths and what a difference that made! I allow the cloth to steam my face but then stroke the cloth over my face in order to remove the oil.

Despite the instructions calling for Castor Oil I have been using Watts Beauty ArganGoldTM with good results. I already had a bottle and it initially escaped me that it is a product for hair and body but so far my face hasn't been harmed by using it. I'm considering giving it a try with jojoba or jojoba and castor or jojoba and olive to see if either of them removes with greater ease. I do believe that castor oil would tend to be more drying.

I finish my lightly moistening my skin and applying my nightly Nerium.  I've been using this method of cleansing for about two weeks and so far I'm pleased with it. I can imagine that it will be even more beneficial during winter when the air is extremely dry.

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