Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Should you choose Organic?

The article The Organic Choice was written by Lara Evans Bracciante in 2005. Yet the info it contains is still beneficial today.

There is no doubt that buying organic produce is a more expensive proposition than buying conventionally grown. If buying every vegetable to cross your lips is going to break the bank you might try initially choosing your battles.

This handy printable list put out by the Environmental Working Group can help you make educated choices on which vegetables and fruits you may want to purchase organic.

I will admit that I don't purchase all organic fruits and vegetables. I tend to eat a lot of kale and spinach and so I choose organic over conventional when I buy them. I strongly prefer the taste of organic apples, carrots and celery. When it comes to other vegetables and fruits I try to buy organic whenever possible.

You should never forgo eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables because you can't afford to eat "all" organic.

Here's some information on organic from Dr. Anne Kulze, M.D. and finally, some information from Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

In the end we have to make our own choices. Our choices can support organic farmers and hopefully bring down costs over time or we can fuel the big guys. The choice is ours.

So how do you decide which way to go?

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