Monday, July 22, 2013

Testimonials: Better Body Alignment = Less Pain

I've been meaning to share some my clients' testimonials for some time now. I ask permission to share what they say and/or email to me, life gets busy and I never seem to get them on the website and/or blog.

A lovely client emailed this last week and I decided that - with her permission - I'd share her comments on the blog.

Thanks, Lanette. And thanks again for the wonderful session yesterday.
This is the second time I've seen you and the second time I've walked
out of your office pain-free. You are a miracle worker and I
appreciate it more than you can know. - R......

The answer to why R has pain when she walks in the door of my office but little or none on the way out has to do with improved body alignment. It also has to do with the loosening of tight muscles and connective tissue  in order to allow the looser muscles and connective tissue to rebalance. We're also working together to eradicate some rather stubborn trigger points.

Our goal is to use a combination of massage therapy and home exercise to encourage her body to maintain balanced alignment for longer and longer periods.

Do you have a goal for your massage therapy sessions? Whether the goal be simple muscle relaxation or balancing a specific problem having  a goal will most definitely add structure and value to your sessions without sacrificing any enjoyment.

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