Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The benefits of Body Awareness

You can find a brief, but I think good, article on body awareness HERE.

Cultivating a sense of body awareness can be beneficial in so many ways.

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From a massage therapy stand point body awareness will allow you to truly feel where you are tight and how and when that tightness manifests for you. Your description will be much more to the point allowing your massage therapist to better release the tightness and make suggestions to help prevent or at least keep your muscles looser for a longer period between massages.

From an exercise stand point body awareness will allow you to get more out of the exercise you do. Your form will be better because you will be able to feel when that form is off. Over time you'll be better able to modify your exercise to match your needs on any particular day.

From a diet stand point body awareness will allow you to better know when you've had enough to eat. You'll feel how certain foods fuel your hunger while others satisfy it.

From a work stand point you'll be more resistant to workplace injuries because you'll feel the stress on your body and over time will be able to change position, take a short break or if self care fails get ergonomic help early - before injury sets in.

I could go on and on but time doesn't allow it. so I'll leave you with a challenge. The challenge is to go through your day but stop and take time to take note of body sensations regularly. Think about the ways that being aware of your body and the messages it sends you could make positive changes in your life.

There is another great article HERE That is where the picture was found.

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