Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
Jack jumped over the candlestick

Unless of course Jack was burning that candle at both ends and didn't have enough energy to jump high enough and then.........

Adequate sleep is so important and yet in our modern society can also be so elusive. I'll be totally honest and tell you that this is an area of life balance that I need to monitor or I will begin "burning that candle at both ends." When I do I pay for it. I gain absolutely nothing other than the elusion of a few extra hours.

Though written in 2002, the article "The Sleep Crisis" by Barry Kapke, A.C.S.T. is as true today as it was when it was written. The only difference is that we now have more information about just how injurious it is to restrict our sleep.

"Sound Sleep" , an article by Shirley Vanderbilt gives some tips to improve our sleep and further speaks to some of the ill effects of poor sleep.

Finally the National Sleep Foundation's website is a great resource for information if a good nights sleep is eluding you.

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