Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Green Monkey Milk

3/1/2015 - In THIS POST I mentioned that I feel compelled to update some of the posts on this blog. This is one of those posts. This green smoothie would be way too sweet for me these days. Rather than pump it full of sugar with 4! Bananas I'm much more likely to add a cup of blueberries and a cup of strawberries or an orange and some lemon juice or a grapefruit or a half cup of mango and a cup of berries or if I want banana a half a frozen banana with a cup of berries would work well. Now that I got that cleared up feel free to read the original post below.

 I had gotten away from Green Smoothies for a while. I used to have one for breakfast and often another for lunch. Then I dropped to having one a few times a week.

It's funny how some people will feel almost challenged by eating that is different. It was a fairly innocent, though admittedly barbed comment from a coworker that I allowed to push me away from Green Smoothies. "Don't you ever eat real food?" and then on another day "Am I the only one who eats?"

Hindsight, I'm shocked that I allowed comments from someone else to impact me that way.

So for the record I'll say that Green Smoothies (GS) are most certainly food! They are more food than much of the junk that masquerades as food in the grocery store! The reason they're blended is to break the cell walls of the plant foods in the smoothie. This makes the nutrition they contain more readily available. It also make it easier to eat - er drink - a  large volume of leafy greens at one go.

There are a lot of pretty complicated GS recipes out there. Many add nuts, seeds and even protein powder to the mix. My search for simplicity has extended to my GS and I'm finding them more refreshing and less time consuming to make.

So on that note I'll share one of my most favorite and the most simplest GS to make.

I call it Green Monkey Milk

4 bananas
4 cups spinach or other green leaf veggies
8 ounces of water
Optional sprinkle of nutmeg, cinnamon or allspice
Blend it all up

Note the 4-4-8? You can easily alter it by using 2-2-4  or even 1-1-2

Using the 4-4-8 I listed above you'll get 2 quart mason jars of smoothie. It's great freshly made but in a pinch you can refrigerate for the next day.

Note: If you're new to Green Smoothies you might want to cut the greens in half the first time you make this recipe and then add more and more each time you make it after that. Spinach is the mildest green and the one I believe you taste less.


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