Saturday, March 1, 2014

I cannot tell a lie

Pretty much 6 months to the date I realized that whether I feel it or not I'm getting older. To be honest, at that point I was actually feeling older or at least feeling my age, which is 58.

I also decided that while I'm not too worried if I look my age when I hit 60, I certainly do not want to feel my age when I hit 60.

So based upon the outstanding results I had with Dr. Ann Kulz' "Eat Right For Life" Program I decided to tighten it up a notch and give Dr. Joel Fuhrman's "Eat To Live" program another chance.

To be honest with you there was a part of me that was whispering the definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different outcome - or however that witty saying goes because this would mark my third or fourth attempt - but then who's counting - at mastering this program.

Luckily for me there was another part of me whispering that if I just did this according to Dr. Fuhrman's plan - really according to his plan it would work. And it has!

Six months later I sit here somewhat amazed at what has transpired.

I'm a vegan - again - but this time I know it's going to stick. I'm caffeine free - again this time I know it's going to stick. As of this morning there's 16 pounds less of me than 6 months ago. Hardly the stuff of infomercials - EXCEPT - that if I don't weigh myself, don't portion my food, simply eat according to plan I don't gain weight, in fact I continue to slowly lose weight. How amazingly, awesomely freeing is that?

I also have absolutely no cravings NONE! In fact I ended up throwing away some of the legal sweets I made for the Christmas holidays because we didn't feel compelled to eat them and they got stale. And let me tell you they were darn tasty before they were stale.

Working out regularly has never been an issue for me and it still isn't. T-Tapp is still the cornerstone of my plan but last week I got an awesome treadmill and I've fallen in love with running again.

I've been ignoring this blog as we finished remodeling our kitchen and then I learned a whole bunch of new kitchen tricks. I can't honestly say I'll be writing in the blog on a regular basis. Time will tell. But I will promise that I'll share some of the books, kitchen tools and inspirations that have and are fueling my enthusiasm for what has basically turned into a life makeover.

This post is more than long enough but I'll leave you with three thoughts that occurred to me today.

1. Adding a half a cup of beans to my morning smoothie truly elevates it to a meal.

2. It's important to succeed but it's far more important to take the time to understand why you are succeeding. Understanding why you're succeeding this time as opposed to other times when you failed creates an ever growing safety net to protect against future failures.

3. "I don't eat _______ anymore." are 5 of the most powerful words I've ever experienced.

Wishing you the same amazing life changes that I'm experiencing.

Coming in to add that the running had nothing to do with the first 15 pounds of weight loss (wasn't running, just using step away the inches) and only slightly impacted my last pound of weight loss.

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