Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pivotal Living Tracker Update Happy New Year!

This evening I charged and reset my band, uninstalled the old and installed the new software. I still can't set the alarm or activity reminders but the over all functionality of my band and the app is the best so far.

Tonight I received an email from David Donovick, CEO, Co-Founder of Pivital Living. It was an email sent out to all members. It is copyrighted or I would copy it here. Basically he acknowledged the challenges that members have faced with the release of the band and apps. He acknowledged that the response to their product was greater than the resources that they had in place.

He stated that they are increasing their resources and improving customer service. The company stands behind their product, the platform for the product and promises to work to perfect it.

He also stated, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT! - customers who purchase a band prior to 1/15/2015 will have their length of membership increased by 12 months for no additional charge. This means two years for $12.00 plus $3.00 shipping!

This is a good time to buy but I would still purchase through Amazon since their return policy is so good. If you would like to purchase this band you can do so through this link. Pivotal Tracker 1 Activity and Sleep Monitor [Amazon Exclusive]
Please note that the bands are presently out of stock. Amazon is still taking orders, which means that they should be available soon. Should the wait become too long you can always cancel your order.

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