Monday, December 15, 2014

Quintessential Bodyworks is expanding

I'm always providing stretches and exercises for clients but now I'll be able to take it a step further. We'll be outfitting and putting the final touches on our rehabilitative exercise room over the next month and a half. The room is small but my plan is to keep any group offerings small in order to allow for plenty of individualized attention. I'll also be offering our regular massage clients some freebies. More on that soon.

I am so incredibly blessed! I received an early Holiday gift of not only my Egoscue PAS courses but also the texts I need for the class and the promise of an Apple laptop that I've been told I'll need for the ePete student software along with the Egoscue box, tower and other props I'll need to open shop.

OK, so wait. It gets better. I was also gifted with the first year of Katy Bowman's new certification program plus the text books I'll need for it!

To be honest I was initially worried about attempting the two together but once I downloaded the first Egoscue lesson and found that the two really align beautifully. The best part of all this is that they also sync so perfectly with my massage style. There are already subtle responses I'll be on the lookout for during a massage session that I hadn't thought about before.

But what about T-Tapp you may ask? Well, one lesson and I am already aware of several key ways in which someone can look as if their T-Tapp is correct and yet have almost invisible deviations that certainly would impact muscle activation and  by extension their results. In other words, these courses will no doubt make me a better trainer.

The coolest thing is that none of this would be possible had I not committed to The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life and nourished my body so completely. I really believe that! ETL keeps my head clear, my stress level low and my muscles stronger. We really are what we eat.

I'll be sharing more soon.

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