Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Organize your home organize your life

Last year we gutted our teeny tiny kitchen and totally remodeled. I'm proud to say that I drew up the plans using graph paper and then the ikea kitchen planner. I even worked three period reproduction pieces into the mix and everything fit seamlessly!

We built and installed the cabinets and hung the reproduction pieces and we are very proud to tell you that when they installed the granite countertops they only needed on 1/8" shim, which we knew they'd need.

I used some tiny house ideas and the result is a teeny tiny kitchen with two fridges, two convection ovens, a 36" farmer's sink, the world's most  and three distinct work areas.

It's been more than a year and we love it more than ever.

Eventually I hope to share pictures or if possibly even a video. (Added a picture. Dogs at dinner time. They love the kitchen too. :) Kitchen is messy. Oh well, life's messy too!)

But for today I'll share a link.  This link will take you to a video on reorganizing your pantry. I particularly love her idea for using dollar store cake pans and marbles to make inexpensive lazy susans.

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