Saturday, April 4, 2015

Are you familiar with Brussels sprouts anonymous?
No? I didn't think so but I want to spend this post discussing food addiction and toxic hunger. There are no doubt people out there who discredit the notion. If that's you feel free to click the little "X" in the upper corner and close out this window. BTW, I'm not here to convert you to veganism - furthest thing from my mind. So you can take a deep breath and relax. :)

It turns out that there is no Brussels sprouts anonymous or carrots anonymous. That's because these foods don't lure us into addiction the way that more calorically (not sure that's a word!) dense, nutritionally void foods do. Look at THIS LIST again.

Notice that the foods at the top of the list, all calorically dense, void of fiber and phytonutrients because the aren't plants, these are the foods people are likely to crave incessantly. People also crave grains but normally only if the grains are white (nutrients and fiber - the very life - sucked out of them) AND/OR SOS (salt, oil/fat, and sugar)  added in quantity.

I hear it all the time; "I could never be vegan! I couldn't live without _______." I'm here to tell you that if you can't imagine giving up ________ for a week or two while you explore life without __________ you are most likely food addicted. If you can't give it up for a day? The probability rises. You set out to not eat _________ for a week by not having it in the house but you end up going out and buying it prematurely? You can see where I'm going.

If you think you may be addicted to certain foods, take heart. You CAN break the cycle. HERE: are some interesting articles.

And during this short video Dr. Fuhrman does a fantastic job of detailing the concepts of food addiction, toxic hunger, and nutrient dense eating. He also says you need not be vegan to be healthy. :)

If the articles and video wet your appetite for more information on these subjects I recommend one of two books.  In my opinion  THE END OF DIETING provides the simplesvt explanations with real life examples and simplified meal plans and suggestions. At the other end of the spectrum,  SUPER IMMUNITY provides you with a more detailed picture of the science and research. Both are available in paperback and kindle editions. The Kindle edition of The End of Dieting has better hyperlinks in the recipe section.I find that a dearth of hyperlinks in a recipe area or book makes it terribly difficult to make use of the recipes.

It ends up that I don't have enough time to speak much about toxic hunger so i guess that's another blog post. 

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