Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fix Your Feet - Katy Bowman

In THIS post I reviewed the book. Whole Body Barefoot, by Katy Bowman. I also promised reviews on the DVDS I use.

 FIX YOUR FEET with Katy Bowman, M.S. is one such DVD. That link Will take you to Amazon where you can read 7 additional reviews.
You can purchase the DVD on Katy's site.

She's running a special right now and you can get this DVD for free.
Order any DVD or stretching dome and get a free Fix Your Feet DVD when you order from the Aligned and Well store! Put a copy of Fix Your Feet and any other DVDs or dome your cart (you can shop here: click) and use this code at checkout: fixfeet

This DVD is part of the Aligned and Well DVD series. It isn't your typical follow the instructor video. It's extremely well chaptered as are
all of her DVDS. The chapters are as follows:
1. Play all
2. Meet the scientist
3. A biomechanical diagnosis: your pain 101
4. RX .....ercises: Prescription Exercises
5. The Biomechanical Prognosis: Change your habits
6. Body Mechanics: Human Physics 101
7. More: The Store, RX...ercise print out, more DVDs, sign up for newsletter, blog...

In short, the chapters allow you to meet Katy, understand the problems that cause pain, learn simple exercises that will not only benefit your feet but also improve overall alignment, gives you lifestyle changes that will further assist you in relieving pain and improving your alignment and finally provides an overview of Katy's scientifically based concept of body movement, health and how the two are interrelated. Personally, I think that this last chapter is worth the price of the DVD.

The exercises are deceiving in their simplicity. I can imagine boos and hisses from the "puke in a bucket, I'm advanced" gang. I'm going to tell you if you spend time in shoes these exercises, simple as they may be, are not too easy for you. Pay careful attention to set up, don't jump out of the stretch too quickly and you will be surprised.

As each exercise is introduced an explanation of why this exercise will benefit your feet is displayed upon the screen and information along with stretch hold times and frequency. Katy further expands upon this as she guides you into each exercise. Rather than simply guiding you through the exercises she is educating you about your body and why the exercises are important. I really like this.

This DVD contains 5 RX...ercises. You can choose among them or play them all. If you do them all for the amount of time suggested you WILL feel a difference! The DVD also contains a printable PDF of the RX...exercises. This is a great time saver once you know the exercises but still need cues.

Time and time again I've mentioned that I feel that our feet are so important to our alignment. Our feet are our foundation. This inexpensive DVD provides 5 simple exercises along with education on why these exercises will benefit both your feet and your alignment. I wholeheartedly recommend it to you no matter how you use your feet.

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