Sunday, April 26, 2015

Free Form Thoughts on my Studies

I always set aside some study and pondering time on Sundays. Today has been what I think of as a fireworks day.

I'm not sure that anyone who is not as much of a postural alignment geek as I am will even understand my excitement.

Ok, I'm going to admit that for the first three months of the RES program I was feeling like I wasn't sure where this was going. I looked forward to the weekly lessons. I enjoyed the information they provided but I wasn't sure I was doing what I needed to do to make the connections. On the other hand, the Egoscue certification program was very precise in what it asked of me. Comparing the two was also interesting. But I just didn't feel like I was making the most of the RES training.

One of the things that came out of my first RES Skype was the suggestion that I not just read the weekly info and do the exercises making notes but repeat them and repeat them. This is what I've been doing and  today it paid off in spades.

I knew that my own tendency to have pain in my left hip was most likely due to an elusive "something" that isn't quite right in the right side of my body. I've also noticed that the space between my right great and second toes is wider than the same space on the left side. I won't outline each deviation but there are other subtle imbalances between right and left and it's all tied together. Today I was able to see this, very much like one of those flip books where you flip the pages and the drawings appear as animation. How cool is that?

There's still a few timings I'm not sure of, like does my right foot probate slightly in response to my my knee rolling medially in response to the weak lateral muscles of my hip rolling inward or does the foot lead the entire deviation. (Right now my money's on the hip leading the parade.)

I also figured out that a simple shift in weight distribution leading to an alteration in muscle activation is why my right upper anterior thigh is bigger than the left.

So how does understanding my wonky right side help your pain? In addition to what I learned about my body today I also now know some important questions to ask as I have clients demonstrate certain movements. What YOU are feeling as I watch you load your body in different ways  is every bit as important as what I am seeing. I also need to correlate what I'm seeing and what you're feeling to the symmetry or more likely, asymmetry between right and left, front and backs sides of your body in response your individual movement loads.

Thanks to my clients who've allowed me to put them through movement assessment along with targeted stretches and exercises prior to hitting the massage table. It's been so much more beneficial than simple massage or stretching and exercise would be alone.

I'll be announcing a special for May that makes use of this type of combined session.

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