Monday, April 6, 2015

"Just in case" eating and toxic hunger

In my experience toxic hunger is a real phenomenon. I believe that toxic hunger along with the "just in case" eating that I used to use to blunt it was why I used to have issues with maintaining my weight.

6 mini-meals was not the answer, three meals and two small snacks was not the answer, a fairly steady stream of caffeine was not the answer.

Learning to eat only when I'm truly hungry was and continues to be the answer. Eating two to three high nutrient meals was and continues to be the answer. Kicking caffeine to the curb was and continues to be the answer.

If any of those statements made you wince or immediately think, "That's not my problem. I don't need to give up _____. I could NEVER give up!" Or similar types of thoughts you need to really sit down and ask yourself why you're so invested in a particular eating pattern, food, or substance that you would rather stay at your present weight and/or level of illness than contemplate even a temporary break with that eating pattern, food or substance.

But let me get back to toxic hunger. This video gives a great description of the phenomenon. In the video Dr.Joel Fuhrman gives one of the best descriptions I've heard to date. It's appropriate to use his description because I'm almost positive he coined the phrase. It's a ten minute video that could literally change your life, or at very least, your weight. I can't embed it but HERE'S the link to it.

 I've ask you to spend a good chunk of time on this blog post so I'll try to make this next piece short. I just want to describe what I think of as "just in case" eating.

I used to eat or drink caffeine between meals "just in case"....

-My blood sugar got low and I got the jitters. (Sounds like toxic hunger, no?)
-just in case I got busy and lunch was late or heaven forbid, I missed lunch. (Wouldn't want to starve to death.)
-to fuel my workouts. (Ha! That was a good one.)
-to keep from being overly hungry at my next meal. (That one never worked.)
-to prevent cravings (That one was equally useless.)

There were additional reasons, probably as many reasons as there were occasions to eat or slug down some tea or coffee. My point is that until I became brave enough to explore the concept of three meals, no snacks I never faced my fear of being without food. Yes, fear. I still don't know why. I only know that the fear was groundless and it's gone and so are the pounds I couldn't get rid of during the time I was feeding that fear. Along with fear and the pounds the "just in case" list also vanished.

Do you have a "just in case " list? Does the thought of a late or missed snack or meal send terror through your veins? Do you have a food or substance you can't imagine giving up? Even short term? Why? (HINT: Because I love it so much or I'm different doesn't count.)

All good questions to ponder.

I had someone contact me to tell me that the youtube link wasn't working for them.I just tested it and it works for me but I've added a second link and will provide the address for cutting and pasting here.

Please feel free to comment as to whether or not you can now access the video. Comments have to be approved but I get email notification when there's a comment.

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