Saturday, April 25, 2015

More on why I'm questioning traditional exercise

THIS BLOG POST written by a Katy Bowman certified RES does an excellent job of outlining Katy's beliefs around movement, misalignment and health.

The information it contains also provides a window into my increasing uneasiness with the "Exercise Prescription" that's commonly doled out to heart patients, those who have high blood pressure, need to lose weight, all of us really! In fact, I can't believe no one has deeply examined and questioned this one hour a day thing before!

Teresa Tapp uses the analogy of a kinked hose and her method is designed to unkink the body. She was also the first person I'm aware of who advocated doing your postural/alignment work - get in, get out then go for a walk, garden, hike, move and enjoy that movement!

Sadly it was a message many of us were not ready to hear. We were so busy with our puke in a bucket tough, longer is better, I'm advanced, I need my endorphins workouts that, while we loved the T-Tapp workout we took it to extremes. <slapping my own forehead and repeating 10 times, if some is good more isn't necessarily better. If some is good....>

Coming back to clarify, if you are a heart patient or your doctor has told you to exercise please don't think I'm telling you to ignore that advice. Just don't accept it as some magical 45-60 minute thing that's going to make it all better. Adding more natural movements and seeking to realign your body is going to make you feel so much more alive if you add it to that prescribed exercise. And whatever you do don't ignore the power of diet! Check out this webinar. The exercise recommendations are typical except for the addition of yoga but it still shows that lifestyle change is where it's at.

The Transformative Power of Comprehensive Lifestyle Changes from Healthways on Vimeo.

One thing I think we did get right is our desire for variety. But I'll talk about that in another post.

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