Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Second Childhood

I recently replied to a post on a fitness board in which the OP asked if anyone had gone back to their fitness roots and was once again doing the fitness DVDs they had started with - actually for some of us that would be fitness VHS tapes!

I decided to post my reply here because it supplies some info about how my studies - the thing that keeping me busy these days - are changing the way I "work out" these days.

I'm another for whom going "home" (back to the beginning) would mean the Firm. I have "gone back for a visit" - single workout - now and then but I'm happier living in my new digs. 
Interestingly enough my studies (Egoscue training and Katy Bowman RES training) have taken me back even further to my childhood - when my workout was play. I'm not kidding when I tell you I want a jungle gym for my 60th birthday! I'm amazed at how effective a full array of stretches, natural movement and lots of walking can be. I still throw in my favorite DVDs, though not daily and never for an hour. If I'm going to do an hour I prefer two, three, or even four very different types of movement activities for shorter amounts of time and I don't favor that one hour block any longer. Instead of one block of exercise of nirvana I get hundreds of little slices of movement joy. it's quite freeing and fun at the same time.

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