Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Somatic Education: Additional Resources

I'm sharing a list of additional Somatic Education resources as promised in THIS POST  and THIS follow up to it.

First and foremost is Martha Peterson's website. She offers DVDs and book/DVD bundles. I haven't seen her DVDs and therefore can't speak to their quality but if they are anything like her book I would imagine them to be high quality. She also has a YouTube Channel with a variety of short but helpful videos.

I also found THESE FREE AUDIO FILES. I'm honestly not sure how much help they are without a Feldenkrais book but I thought I'd include them.

THIS is a downloadable  file that is part of a Thomas Hannah lecture/training. I'm awaiting a used copy of one of his books and will access this download after I read it. Another YouTube Channel perhaps best explored once the Hannah book arrives.

I'll add this list as I discover new resources. Please feel free to add resources you're aware of in the comments section below.

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