Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Bar Method Beginner's Review

The fact that I enjoy Barre and Ballet workouts is no secret. These workouts have had to take a back seat to other workouts and activities in an effort to avoid over training.

I've also been working on re-establishing proper sternum and rib placement and these types of workouts usually move fast enough that I end up rib thrusting - the very habit I'm trying so hard to break.

Enter: The Bar Method Beginner's Workout
THIS 37 minute workout is geared towards beginners but can be challenging for any BARRE-ista with good form and technique or a BARRE-ista who is short on time.

I enjoyed the workout greatly and managed to work up a nice little burn. The above link will take you to  Amazon.com. The DVD is more expensive there than what I paid for it but I couldn't find it on the Bar Method website any more.

The DVD is well chaptered. It includes chapters to play the workout, play individual exercises, learn the Bar Method positions, use equipment and alternatives, find bar method equipment, about the Bar Method and about Burr Leonard (the Bar method's founder).

The workout is set in a studio with the instructor, Joey and 4 participants alternately standing behind free standing barres or working on cushioned mats that stay in front of each Barre for the entire workout. Joey alternates working out with traveling among the participants pointing out form elements and giving us tips and encouragement. I like him. He's capable and encouraging without being over the top.

During this workout we perform, a warm-up (think knee lifts and upper body moves including push ups and triceps dips), calf and thigh work, seat work, abdominals, back dancing, and a final stretch. These are the chapters you can access individually. They could easily be used as workout add ons.

I love the shorter length and calmer beginner mentality of this workout and the fact that with attention to form it provides a good Barre session no matter how advanced you are. The ability to pick and choose between the chapters only serves to sweeten the pot.

This workout could be easily used in conjunction with T-Tapp. That's also a plus in my book. I give this workout 2 thumbs and a pointed foot up!

If you try this workout please share your experience in the comments below. If you rotate it with T-Tapp or other workouts or activities I'd love to hear about that as well.

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