Friday, April 3, 2015

The Key That Will Unlock Weight Loss

WARNING: Profound YET simple (not originally mine) thinking ahead!

I've previously blogged about my weight loss. It's not an astounding amount of weight  - about 24-26 pounds. What is astounding to me is that for the first time in my life, that's a long time, I'm getting up there, maintaining that weight loss is effortless - even with very little exercise. That's the good part. The part that could be better is the fact that I have yet to reach my EAT TO LIVE goal weight. Enter Chef AJ.

Chef AJ has her own website  but she also posts on the ETL forums and I make an effort to read everything thing she writes. I recently decided to put some thought into just why my weight loss has stalled and her wise words provided me - and potentially you - with an amazing tool for weight loss. So here is what she wrote.

The extensive research done at Penn State by Dr. Barbara Rolls states that it is impossible to gain weight if you keep the calorie density of your food to 300 calories per pound or less, and that everyone will in fact lose weight at that calorie density level which is what you find in fruits and vegetables. This is why the people who are LFRV, fruitarians or follow 80/10/10 are always lean. While I don't agree with those diets, it just proves that the research is correct, that you cannot possibly be overweight just eating fruits and vegetables. The research also shows that if you keep your CD to 550 calorie per pounds or less, which now includes potatoes, whole grains and legumes, you can eat as much as you want until comfortably full and not gain weight.

I did a bit more research and found THIS.  Adding the fact that this chart prints well.

So the secret is this. Make the bulk of what you eat fruits and vegetables. Add in starchy vegetables, minimally processed whole grains and legumes (beans), have nuts for an important source of fat but limit them, totally kick processed food to the curb. You will not only lose weight but will become much healthier.

So the thought process goes like this: You've finished your meal and your still legitimately hungry. Instead of cupboard or fridge surfing - what's that junk doing in there anyway?! - ask yourself this question.

WHAT'S THE BEST FOOD I COULD EAT TO SUPPORT MY GOAL OF WEIGHT LOSS? ANSWER: Green vegetables or fruit. If that's not doing it add some beans or starchy vegetables. But JUST SAY NO to additional nuts, oils or the other high calorie food on the list I linked to.

Do you have to be vegan to make this work? No, though I'll tell you it's an amazing way to eat. If you aren't vegan or are following another weight loss plan simply decide what animal foods and portions you'll include in your three meals and above and beyond that choose the foods that are low in calories per pound.

Snacking is a whole other post. One that I'll tackle soon.

Oh and Chef AJ's book, UNPROCESSED,  is wonderful. The  KINDLE VERSION is quite economical and well hyperlinked. She tells the story of her weight loss in a humorous fashion while making high nutrient, low calorie eating ridiculously easy to understand. Her recipes (100) are very simple to make but delicious and avoid SOS (salt, oil, sugar).

It's a wonderful compliment to any of Dr. Joel Fuhrman's books.

So that's it. Profound and yet simple. I've taken my before pictures as a beginning to this new phase of weight loss and healthy eating. I have to admit I'm pleased with the body composition changes that have taken place with simple weight maintenance. But I'm going for the goal - Dr. Fuhrman's goal weight.

If you decide to join me, take those pictures, feel free to post here and watch for upcoming posts on snacking, short exercise bouts and reviews of exercise dvds that can easily be broken into short bouts.

That's it! GAH!I've written a book!

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Lannette Madden said...

Ha! I just realized I posted this a couple days before Easter. No Easter candy hiding in this house!

To me this is a sign of just how far I've come. I didn't so much as consider looking at let alone buying any Easter Candy. I don't need that junk.

I'm actually planning on making a half recipe of a truffle recipe. Not because we'd over eat a full recipe but because the last time I made a full recipe of a sweet treat I ended up throwing out half when it got stale before we finished it.