Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tickle your Tootsies and Flex and Stretch your Fingers

Note: You should remove your socks and shoes before reading this review and intermittently wiggle your toes while reading in order to get the full experience. :)

In my Bare Foot Walking post I mentioned that I've been doing regular hand and foot sessions in order to strengthen and Stretch and generally care for my hands and feet.

I find the time to do this by changing what I used to think of as "Exercise Rest Day" into "Hand and Foot R&R Day."

Hand and Foot R&R day sounds so much more like a day at the spa to me compared to exercise rest day, which sounds like I've beat myself up so badly that I need to hide out for 24 hours - and indeed it really was like that back in my "no run is long enough, no work out hard enough" days.

I also promised to review the DVDs I'm using. So ....DRUM ROLL.... here's the first review.

The first DVD I've chosen to review is T-Tapp Finger & Foot Fitness. 

I'm going to hang my head and publicly admit that I totally underestimated the benefit of this DVD when it first came out. I just wasn't in the right space in my life to truly get it. If you're a T-Tapper who also underestimated it, you may want to reconsider.

If you're not a T-Tapper WAIT! Don't close out that window just yet. As usual Teresa's packed plenty of versatility into this DVD. In fact, I can imagine quite a diverse group of people who could benefit from this DVD.

The DVD is well chaptered. It allows you to play the entire 2007 Retreat Finger and Foot Session. If you haven't been able to attend a T-Tapp retreat this DVD is a great way to experience a retreat session and experience it you will. I was immediately transported back to Safety Harbor Spa and Resort!

You also have the option to play just the Finger Fitness session or the Foot Fitness Session. As if that wasn't enough options, Teresa also broke down the individual exercises and stretches to allow us to pick and choose. This is great because it allows you to put together a session that fits your needs but also fits your time constraints.

I have other hand and foot DVDs that I use. When I compare them to this DVD I'd say this one is like deep tissue for your hands and feet. Teresa carefully opens up your joints a little at a time in a way that's going to give you immediate benefits but also steadily build benefits if you choose to use the DVD regularly. My hands and feet feel wonderful after I finish this workout!

One last benefit is that as usual, Teresa has made these exercises and stretches simple enough that you'll be able to quickly memorize them and use them within the framework of a T-Tapp workout. I believe that improving the proprioception and agility of your feet and hands is going to help your T-Tapp workouts become more efficient and effective.

I believe this is also true  for a more traditional workouts and activities. A few other workouts I see this DVD working synergistically with are ballet/Barre, weight or body weight training, kettlebells, walking, running, hiking, even Cross Fit. *Workouts performed BAREFOOT OR IN SHOES!*

Any activity that asks you to train your body to perform specific movements in order to become more proficient at those movements with a goal to progress to more challenging movements is going to benefit from hand and foot training.

Anyone who stands as part of their profession or uses their hands intensely or heaven forbid both stands and uses their hands intensely is going to benefit from this DVD.

Paying less attention to the flexibility and function of our hands and feet is so common as we age. We do our body such a huge disservice when we do this.

Our nervous system is meant to regularly send signals to the very ends of our limbs. When we decrease the number of times we use our hands and feet in the full range of motion in which they were meant to move, we are effectively sending our nervous and cardiovascular systems a telegram telling them that it's not important to maintain coordination, sensation and function in these areas. Can you say, cold hands and feet and neuropathy?

I also believe that a body that - in effect - functions from the ground up is going to look, feel and function in a way that's timeless. You'll be more in touch with the surface under you and how you're interacting with that surface. That's going to help you prevent injury.

All this is why I encourage you to establish regular Hand & Feet R&R Days. T-Tapp Finger & Foot Fitness is a great tool to put in your toolbox for the sessions you'll do on those days.

As I continue to use this DVD I'll either update this post or add comments to it. I encourage anyone who uses this DVD to share their experiences in the comments section of this post.

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