Thursday, April 16, 2015

Trying to eat healthfully? careful, careful, you could...

....end up being diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder! NO I'm not kidding and of course once diagnosed you are just a hop, skip and a trip through the kale patch away from a prescription to treat that nasty disorder.

It's ok though I'm sure that the medicine will most likely get you back on track and eating toaster pastries for breakfast, fast food for lunch and a nice big old processed meal with twice the calories that you need for dinner. And THAT will get you back in line to be a normal, average American with all the normal average American issues like overweight, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, sit down all day itis and on and on.......

Oh boy! All those things mean more drugs, more doctor's appointments, procedures, throw in a surgery or three or four. Isn't average grand?

Personally, I'm sticking with being crazy on healthy. I never wanted to be average anyway. It's totally over rated.

You can read more HERE.

I'm curious where do you fall on this one?

Please note: If you currently are suffering with any of the average American diseases that I referenced I do not blame you. It's only been recently that researchers started to put together and get into the media the fact that the American lifestyle is fueling much of what we consider a normal part of aging. It's not normal and personally, if one or more of the big nasties are going to take me out I want to know I at least did my best to avoid it as long as possible. Bad health can in many cases be reversed. Many diseases that we think of as age related can be avoided. You have the power to change. Choose to change. I'm happy to help.

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