Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What do you Eat?

I get this question a lot so I thought I'd answer it here. On most days I'm a two meal a day gal. I don't eat only twice in order to restrict calories or lose weight. I eat twice because that's how often I'm truly hungry on most days. When you wait to eat until you're truly hungry food tastes amazing! That heightened taste awareness is one of the ways I know I hit the mark and it makes eating so much more pleasurable.

So I'll share my Easter meals with you. I ate twice that day.

My first meal was a simple salad: Romaine lettuce, lots of it, cherry tomatoes, red, yellow and orange diced peppers, cucumbers and probably a few veggies I'm forgetting. I added chic peas for protein and satiety and dressed it with a carob vinegar. Oh I also tossed on a few sun flower seeds and nuts.

My main meal had more flavors than I'd typically eat at one meal, but it was a holiday right?

The main course was pasta and steamed cauliflower with a creamy pesto sauce and breaded baked tofu.

Side dishes were steamed Brussels sprouts in a balsamic vinegar reduction glaze, Rustic mashed cauliflower with roasted garlic and steamed spinach (amazing!) and this fantastic casserole with diced sweet potatoes, pears, and dried cranberries.

Dessert was a single rich date sweetened truffle that I had broken into three pieces in order to give myself the delight of enjoying it three times over. We also had herbal iced tea.

When I finished eating I was comfortably full but not stuffed.

From time to time I'll try to post what I'm eating and link to the recipes if they're available online. If they aren't ill link to the cookbook where I got them.

Are you wondering what I do if I eat twice and I'm still hungry? If I'm truly hungry I eat a third meal! That honestly doesn't happen often except the day after a really long CC Possession or hike but if it does I simply eat more often. It's amazingly simple and abundant in a minimalistic way.


a.c. luthos said...

I like your 'food ideology'; as I'm hitting middle-age, twice a day is getting more 'normal', though I still have a little snack-plate a bit later than I should..
(old habits die deliciously slow) ;)
* I was doing a search for an item I found in an ethnic food store: Carob Vinegar.. and was wondering how it's traditionally used.. it's almost on the 'balsamic' side in richness, while missing some complexity of balsamic.. it was really quite nice..
Any other hints suggestions on how you use your carob-vinegar?
* and `would be awesome to see any of the recpies used for your Easter-feaster'... the sweet potato / cran casserole sounds spot-on as well..

Lannette Madden said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to post. Currently we've been using the Healthy Herbivore meal plans adjusted to be Eat to Live friendly. I thought that might turn me into a 3 squares a day gal but it hasn't. If I do get hungry for another meal it's snack sized.

There are actually links in that post that will take you to the recipes for the foods I listed. The exception is the sweet potato, pear dish. Unfortunately that must have come from a cookbook and not have been available online otherwise I would have linked to it.

Generally I'm pretty boring in my use of flavored vinegars. I use them in place of salad dressing. I will say they can also be tasty when lightly drizzled on a fruit salad.