Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You're studying Egoscue and Katy Bowman's RES training are you throwing T-Tapp under the bus??

This is a question I've fielded quite a bit from people who know me. Short answer NO!

My studies are NOT about T-Tapp, or my ACE Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist Certification not being good enough. This is about putting more tools in my "Chronic Pain Relief" toolbox. It's also about increasing my understanding about how pain is generated and how we can quiet it, naturally. It's about having a full range of of choices to fit each client's needs, interests, and time limits. It's about my ongoing commitment to continuingeducation.

And, just in case that doesn't convince you that it's all compatible HERE is what KATY Bowman herself said about T-Tapp on her blog. (It's in the "This blog is about alignment" section.)

More and more I'm seeing T-Tapp as an extremely time efficient method of wellness. I don't feel the need to beat my self over the head with it.

Like Katy, I'm not going to tell you that you MUST give up the activities you love to do T-Tapp or BARRE, or any other fitness activity. Natural movements and walking are as necessary the food we eat - we need them to stay healthy and live well. T-Tapp has never, in my opinion, excluded natural movement. Teresa encourages us to be active outside of T-Tapp sessions.

So if you're someone out there who's been interested in T-Tapp or BARRE or barefoot running or anything else I write about please don't be afraid to branch out and give new things a try. No need to throw the other activities you love under the bus.

The only thing I caution against is trying to do so much that you overtrain and that's an entirely different subject, one I've written about before.

If you're considering trying a new activity feel free to share via the comments section.

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